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A Pre-Columbian Origins Story of Enrique Vargas Alfaro

Updated: May 11

Enrique was he grandson of Anastasio Alfaro (February 16, 1865 – January 20, 1951) a well known Costa Rican zoologist, geologist and explorer.

He was also an Archaelogist, Ethnographer and Writer - and an important personality in the cultural development of Costa Rica. He was a member of the board at the National Museum of Costa Rica and author of "Antigeuedades En Costa Rica" (1892)

Enrique Vargas Alfaro, 1960s. Mr. Alfaro was the source of highest quality Pre-Columbian art sold to prestigious collections such as Andre Emmerich, Morton D. May, Frederick and Jan Mayer, and William C. and Carol W. Thibodeaux. Artworks listing him as provenance appear in the collections of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, The Denver Art Museum, and the Michael C. Carlos Museum.


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