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Welcome to Americas Artifacts website.

We are constantly updating and adding new items to our site, so please check back often for new items. Click on a category to the left to see our current listings.

We are some of the most respected dealers in the hobby and have built our reputation on honesty, and fairness. We have been actively dealing in authentic arrowheads and artifacts for 30+ years.

Americas Artifacts specialize in North and South American, Pre-Columbian and Native American or Indian Artifacts with a little bit of this and that added to our collection.

We also pay top dollar for single arrowheads/artifacts single pieces or entire collections. No collection is too small or too large! Feel free to email us with pictures of artifacts you have for sale.

Hear Ed's Friend Tom talk about his Native American Heritage and his tribute to his great grandmother in the form of a rock wall.

Learn about Charles H Worley and The Worley's Museum

Some of our featured items include:
Featured in the Who's Who in Indian Relics #5 Edition under Indian Axes and Central States Archaeological Society. This 5 5/8" Drilled Southern Spatualate is one of our most Prestigious Native American Artifacts.

Cliff Dwellers Anasazi bowl with spout scalloped

Provenance: New Mexico

Period: 12 AD

Lapis Gold Necklace from Equador dated 1000 B.C.

Gold & Bead Necklace, Provenance: Columbia Tairona

Period: 500 AD

Pima Basket From US Dated the SW Reservation Period

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